· Feb 22

Open Exchange Gets New Look and New Features

Big news from the Open Exchange platform!
We've been busy behind the scenes, not just giving the place a new look but also packing in some nifty features we think you'll love—many of which were inspired by your requests and feedback. It's all part of our ongoing mission to boost the quality of the apps and ensure the world sees the incredible work you're putting in. From streamlining your workflow to boosting collaboration, our aim is to support and highlight your creativity. Excited for you to explore and experience the new enhancements!


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Enhanced Repository Data

Pull Requests from App's repo are now visible on Open Exchange

IPM Enhancements:

Detailed Display of Dependencies and Dependent Projects
IPM Archive Download Facility
IPM Package Installation Metrics are Shown on App Public Page

Expanded Application Information:

🔥 Now You Can Reply to Reviews
Date & Status of Manual App Verification
Introduction of a Donate Feature
Links to the Idea Portal for Enhanced Collaboration
AI/ML Categorization Filters for Tailored Searches
App's page Views Counts 

Broadened Integration with the Developer Community

Connection to multiple Articles from the Developer Community
Real-Time Display of Trending and Featured Apps on DC
Seamless Profile Links Synchronization

App Management Enhancements

Different Ways to Access App Management: from App Public Page and Developer Portal
Sharing Capabilities Directly from the Developer Portal Edit Page
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