· Feb 15

Can a TCP Operation use a DNS name in the IP address field?


I am trying to connect to a web socket endpoint that potentially has a number of different IP addresses for load balancing purposes. 

I have been asked whether it's possible to use a DNS name to resolve the IP address rather than statically assigning one specific IP address in the TCP Operation.

If it's not possible to resolve on a DNS name directly on the TCP operation, then I wondered whether it was possible to provide multiple IP addresses.

In the documentation, it mentions that I can provide a value like this "!,," for multiple IP addresses but that is for when the external system is trying make a connection to the adapter, whereas in my situation, this is not possible, I need to initiate the connection.

I am very new to InterSystems HealthConnect so apologies if this is simple to do and I've just not easily recognised how to do it.


Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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