· Feb 22

Need to connect ensemble with SQL server management studio using ODBC or jdbc

Need to fetch data from SQL server management studio to ensemble, using jdbc or ODBC. 

Step by step solution would be highly appreciated. 

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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You mention you need to connect to Ensemble but your product version says IRIS. I assume you need to connect to IRIS.

In Windows you can install IRIS ODBC drivers and in Control Panel create a DSN to connect to a IRIS Namespace. Then in SSMS follow the instructions to connect to an external database using an ODBC DSN (I have no experience on this).
Make sure you use the correct 32 or 64 bits driver and DSN definitions (in Windows you can define 32 or 64 bits DSN), I'm not sure if Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is 32 or 64 bits application, find that out first.

Another option is to use IRIS JDBC drivers, make sure you install the correct Java JRE for the JDBC drivers you are using.

Since this is windows, maybe ODBC is more convenient.