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· Feb 20

What's new in VS Code, 2024

I recently realized it's been far too long since I talked about the latest features in the InterSystems ObjectScript Extension for Visual Studio Code. 

I'm pleased to announce version 2.12.1 of the ObjectScript extension, containing a number of enhancements that make a developer's life easier. Some highlights are described below, including the #1 requested feature from Global Summit -- XML import! 

As always, find the full list of modifications in the CHANGELOG, including many bug and vulnerability fixes.

Cleaner user interface

The user interface for the ObjectScript extension and the Server Manager extension have been merged, resulting in a much cleaner, easier-to-use experience. Two things to note:

  1. You will now see a single icon in the Activity Bar -- the InterSystems logo. Previously this icon only showed functionality for the ObjectScript extension. Now it also shows the Projects and Servers views coming from the Server Manager extension, and has the title, "INTERSYSTEMS" at the very top of the pane. The Server Manager extension no longer has a separate icon in the side bar cluttering up valuable screen real estate. This ability for separate extensions to share UI space is just another cool feature of VS Code! 
  2. The file explorer shown in the INTERSYSTEMS view is read-only, so continue using the main Explorer view (the one with the overlapping documents icon) for coding.


Running and debugging unit tests

Another exciting new feature is the ability to run and debug unit tests right within VS Code. This goes well beyond normal .cls file editing. Test methods are decorated with run buttons and contextual menu items exist for running and debugging as well. Learn more in the documentation


Importing/exporting XML files

One of the most requested features at Global Summit 2023 was the ability to import and export XML files. We listened! Get the details here


WebSocket Terminal support

This actually surfaced in mid 2023, but it's worth mentioning. If you are running IRIS version 2023.2 or later, you have access to a WebSocket-based command-line interface for executing ObjectScript commands on a connected server. Some features are shell integration, syntax coloring and checking, and SQL and Python shells. Details are again in the docs.

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