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Points to note when uninstalling InterSystems IRIS on Linux

InterSystems FAQ rubric

On Linux, use the following steps to delete an instance of InterSystems IRIS (hereinafter referred to as IRIS).

(1) Stop the IRIS instance you want to uninstall using iris stop 

# iris stop <instance name>

(2) Delete the instance information using the following command 

# iris delete <instance name>

(3) Delete the IRIS installation directory using the rm -r command 

# rm -r <install directory>

In addition to the installation directory, IRIS also uses (a) and (b) below.

(a) /usr/local/etc/irissys <folder>
(b) /usr/bin/iris

If you want to completely remove all IRIS from your machine, please remove all of (a) and (b) in addition to the uninstallation steps above.

However, these are commonly used in all instances.

Therefore, please do not remove it from Unix/Linux unless you are "uninstalling all IRIS".

(a) There are three files in the directory: the executable file (iris, irissession) and the instance information (iris.reg).
(b) The three files are symbolic links.

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