· Feb 13

Looking for examples of initiating objectscript code on a return from searching for patient in clinical viewer

I have some code written in objectscript but need to trigger it from clinical viewer.   Someone does a search for a patient with a not found response which then triggers the code 

Product version: IRIS 2023.3
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1.  User searches for patient on clinical viewer

2. Patient Not Found

3. Form pops up to fill in patient demographic information

4. Submit button is pushed

5. Data sent to backend for processing

6. Backend authenticates user through IRIS authentication or delegated authentication (AD/LDAP/local)

7. After authentication, HL7 message is built

8. A request is constructed to be sent to Health Connect Service API

9. The constructed request containing HL7 message is sent to the API

10 The API endpoint handles the request, triggering Health Connect workflow