· Feb 6

Stopping commenting continuation in VSCode

Wondering if there's a setting in VSCode to stop continuting commenting in VSCode?

For example, if I have

//this is a comment

and press enter at the end, it will continue on the next line with

//this is a comment

I would like to stop this behavior, or have it only continue with a block comment.

Is this possible in VSCode? I think it's part of the ISC extension that causes it, as it doesn't happen for other languages.


Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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Thanks for your feedback! In response, I've submitted Pull Request #1311 which removes the comment-continuation feature for ObjectScript comments (it's still enabled for class description /// comments). It also adds auto-closing of C-style block comments (e.g. typing /* automatically adds */ after the cursor). You can try this out by downloading and installing the latest beta version of the vscode-objectscript extension from GitHub, which can be found here.