· Feb 21

InterSystems Ideas News #11

Hi Developers!

Welcome to the 11th edition of the InterSystems Ideas bulletin! This time, you can read about the following:

​​​​✓ Call for ideas concerning Generative AI

✓ New filter on Open Exchange

✓ Recently posted ideas



 AI is a very important topic nowadays. That's why we have created a separate category on the Ideas Portal for ideas related to this topic. No matter what product or service your idea is about, if it concerns generative AI, put it in the "Generative AI" category.

Important: only ideas written by people are accepted, while ideas from AI are not.

 Open Exchange users can now filter the apps they want to download using the new "Applications from Ideas Portal" filter. You can mention the implemented idea when you upload your new app to OEX. The screenshot below shows what this new filter looks like.


 To round up this newsletter, here are 25 new ideas that have been posted during the last 2 months.

👏 Authors, thank you for posting these ideas 👏

🙏 Don't forget to advertise your idea and other ideas you like to your peers and all Developer Community members. The more votes your idea has, the larger the chance of its promotion to the next status. 🚀

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