· Feb 17

BI Dashboard debugging possible in IRIS?

Hi Community,

I have below scenario

We have IRIS BI Reports in my application. I want to create a automated backend utility (similar to background cache system task) which run these bi reports and export them to PDF at a specific path. In dashboard we have defined  <property name="print">1</property> which allows report export to PDF.

Now I want to debug the code (line by line) from dashboard to  %DeepSee.UI.MDXPDF.cls but I am not sure is this possible or not.

Please suggest. Thanks in advance!

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi Virat,

I'm not sure what you have in mind in terms of debugging. For scheduling an export of IRIS BI results to a PDF, I would recommend looking at the Pivot Subscriptions app, which is available here on Open Exchange. This tool allows you to export individual pivots, not dashboards, but you could schedule multiple pivots to be exported (and emailed) on the schedule that you need. The other option that comes to mind is %DeepSee.Utils:%ExportPDFToFile(), but that method is for exporting a query's results; I would expect Pivot Subscriptions to be much more useful for your situation.