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Developer Community Recap, March 2024

Hello and welcome to the March 2024 Developer Community Recap.
General Stats
153 new posts published in March:
 45 new articles
 34 new announcements
 67 new questions
 7 new discussions
555 new members joined in March
13,015 posts published all time
11,859 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
IKO - Lessons Learned (Part 1 - Helm)
By Ariel Glikman
How to send messages to Microsoft Teams
By Kurro Lopez
Customize how messages are displayed in Message Viewer
By Alberto Fuentes
IKO - Lessons Learned (Part 2 - The IrisCluster)
By Ariel Glikman
InterSystems IRIS® CloudSQL Metrics to Google Cloud Monitoring
By Ron Sweeney
Columnar vs. Row Storage with IRIS native
By Robert Cemper
IKO - Lessons Learned (Part 3 - Services 101 and The Sidecars)
By Ariel Glikman
Connecting to DynamoDB Using Embedded Python: A Tutorial for Using Boto3 and ObjectScript to Write to DynamoDB
By Andre Ribera
How to create a killer presentation using Open Exchange
By Yuri Marx
Converting .PPK key files for use with SFTP and SSH in InterSystems IRIS
By Patrick Dunn
Performing index rebuild in multiple processes while using an application
By Hiroshi Sato
IKO - Lessons Learned (Part 4 - The Storage Class)
By Ariel Glikman
Deploying IRIS For Health on OpenShift
By Ariel Glikman
Generating meaningful test data using Gemini
By Iryna Mykhailova
Connecting to InterSystems IRIS in VS Code using SQLTools
By Laurel James (GJS)
Orchestrating Secure Management Access in InterSystems IRIS with AWS EKS and ALB
By Roy Leonov
OpenTelemetry Traces from IRIS implemented SOAP Web Services
By Steve Pisani
Tutorial: Adding OpenAI to Interoperability Production
By Maria Nesterenko
What can you do with record maps?
By Hiroshi Sato
Creating Unit Tests in ObjectScript for HL7 pipelines using %UnitTest class
By Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Getting data from InterSystems IRIS CloudSQL using xDBC
By Iryna Mykhailova
How to create Data Lookup Tables using the SQL Data Import Wizard
By Victoria Castillo
By Robert Cemper
SQL access method for properties that define list collections
By Hiroshi Sato
Left Side Functions in ObjectScript
By Robert Cemper
Tasks & Tricks: The Dev's Fish & Chips
By Daniel Aguilar
What more can be done with lists in SQL (%DLIST, %INLIST, FOR SOME)
By Iryna Mykhailova
Quickstart guide to IRIS DB on Linux Systems
By Phillip Wu
How to setup 2FA authenticator for IRIS users
By Flávio Lúcio Naves Júnior
Python BPL in preview
By Alex Woodhead
A Peek at IRIS Data Platform Performance Strategies
By Nicole Sun
Boosting facial recognition with Vector Search
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
A Better data import experience for LOAD DATA
By Raj Singh
How to register and reference task schedules programmatically
By Hiroshi Sato
.NET Client-Side Development on IRIS Data Platform
By Kwabena Ayim-Aboagye
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Open Exchange
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
#Developer Community Official
Introduction to Kubernetes
By Muhammad Waseem
#InterSystems IRIS
Software Engineer- IRIS
By Tejash Suthar
[Webinar in Hebrew] Introducing InterSystems Cloud Services
By Ronnie Hershkovitz
IRIS Engineer
By vanshika Tiwari
[Video] How to Migrate Your Instance to Apache - Linux Unix
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Managing InterSystems Servers – Virtual April 1-5, 2024 / Registration space available
By Larry Finlayson
InterSystems announces General Availability of InterSystems IRIS 2024.1
By Fabiano Sanches
[Video] What is InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Mar.19, 2024 - Advisory: AIX Memory Leak
By Fabiano Sanches
[Video] How to Migrate off the Private Web Server - Windows
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Deprecation: InterSystems Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
By Andreas Dieckow
Using InterSystems Embedded Analytics – Virtual April 15-19, 2024 / Registration space available
By Larry Finlayson
mg-dbx-napi: Game-changing JavaScript performance for IRIS
By Rob Tweed
[Video] Near Real-Time Analytics with InterSystems IRIS & Debezium Change Data Capture
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Just launched: New VS Code training for InterSystems technologies
By Laurel James (GJS)
Application-consistent Amazon EBS Snapshots for InterSystems IRIS databases
By Eduard Lebedyuk
#Developer Community Official
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Open Exchange
#Job Opportunity
#InterSystems IRIS BI (DeepSee)
#IRIS contest
#Global Masters
#InterSystems Official
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
InterSystems Ideas News #12
By Vadim Aniskin
#InterSystems IRIS
$ZF(-100) to run python script not work when directly execute in studio or in storedproc called by TrakCare, but can work when do in iris session
By Wanbo Wang
A Kerberized Connection from the Web Gateway to InterSystems
By Yehuda Esformes
How to send the HL7 Batch messages over a SOAP webservice which takes 3 credentials(Username, Password& Org.ID) using IRIS Management Portal
By Pavan Kumar Rayudu
Routing Rule Delay
By Justin Ruggles
Output Dynamic Object JSON Data To A CSV File
By Carl Deitrich
Should I update the corresponding class when run tunetable?
By Hao Ma
Docker start of iris-community:2024.1-preview fails repeatedly
By Robert Cemper
logins are disabled, IRIS dont startup
By Edrian Golob
Questions about Java Versions for %JDBC External Language Server
By Jean Millette
FHIR - 404 Not Found Error
By Prasanth Annamreddy
How to add non mirrored databases on DR Async Members to a mirror
By Undefined Undefined
Object script special characters # ^ % $ meaning
By Phillip Wu
How to send PUT using HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.HC.SDA3.FHIR.Process?
By Ali Chaib
Need to make ODBC connection to fetch data from SQL Server to IRIS 2021.1. Once we are able to query the data from SQL server, need to Pass it in ensemble production
By Ishan Srivastava
401 unauthorized when using Postman to transform openapi2 json to restapi classes.
By Sylvie Greverend
How to select X.509 Credentials as a custom Business Process Setting
By Bransen Smith
Event onPostDispatch %CSP.Rest or similar
By Kurro Lopez
Local Web Gateway connecting to Docker Container Image
By Scott Roth
fails to pull images from
By Dmitry Maslennikov
Can't subscribe to InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL
By Iryna Mykhailova
Configuration file issue with iris mirrorning
By Undefined Undefined
Support for Java 17+
By Yuri Marx
Writing "DO ^ROUTINE" code
By Phillip Wu
Do we have any class for work with blockchains?
By Flávio Lúcio Naves Júnior
How to write a For Loop
By Alan Nguyen
OAuth 2.0 Resource Service Scope Check Fail
By Michael Davidovich
How to map legacy global to a class using VisualStudio Editor?
By Richard Rayburn
How to Remove Escape character using IRIS DTL
By billy menden
FHIR Data not return content
By Prasanth Annamreddy
Separate data from classes
By Bruce Borchorst
zip all files in a unix directory in a script to send to windows as email attachment
By Jonathan Harris
VECTOR_COSINE() error help ObjectScript error: *: isc_stdout_write: PyArg_ParseTuple failed!
By Kim Trieu
Returning a 401 using %REST.Impl
By Daniel Bertozzi
How to split the two timestamp based on interval time in IRIS Database?
By Parameshwaran Muthaiyan
Outbound ODBC connection to PostgreSQL on Fedora 38
By Rebecca Johnson
CORS problem from my local to Iris server with a REST API
By Sylvie Greverend
Deflate compression
By Dmitry Maslennikov
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
Download IRIS for Health Community 2022.3
By Paul DeSantis
Using Logi Reports to populate .pdf Document Properties-Custom Properties with Name-Value pairs extracted from TrakCare database for patient invoicing
By Andrew Taggart
Call for FHIR experts: resource Person vs. Patient/Practitioner
By Sylvain Guilbaud
How to show connections in Production Configuration screen for HL7 Router
By Oliver Wilms
Reusing and editing recordmaps in studio
By Vermon Ferre
ZAUTHENTICATE.Mac cannot be saved in %SYS other macros can
By Mark OReilly
Adding " " to a string
By Christine Nyamu
How to query BLOB fields with MySQL field type
By Zhang Fatong
By Fahima Fahima
Comparing Two Lists/ Variables
By Christine Nyamu
How to use Python to read journal logs
By deng hang
how we can retrieve SessionId in classMethod ??
Is the Implementation Partner program still open?
By Matt Shaughnessy
Empty export file
By Michael Wood
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