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Join us at the FHIR event of the year in the US: the HL7 FHIR Dev Days 2018!
A unique chance to meet 400 colleagues and discuss all topics relating to your field.

InterSystems is proud to be the Host Sponsor of HL7 FHIR Dev Days for its first U.S. edition, Boston, June 19 – 21st! We support the HL7 FHIR standard as it is critical for rapid innovation. FHIR can be used as an accelerant to bring all the information that matters for a patent into a unified health record.

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InterSystems Official
RB Omo · Sep 24, 2018
Advisory: VMWare vSAN and Data Integrity

September 24, 2018 – Advisory: VMWare vSAN and Data Integrity

Clients running vSAN 6.6 or later should review a very important article that VMware published on September 21, 2018. The article describes the possibility of file system and database corruption, which can lead to outages and possible data loss, and we believe that some of our clients have encountered this issue. Therefore, we encourage you to act on this as soon as possible.

The VMWare knowledge base article is titled:

Virtual Machines running on VMware vSAN 6.6 and later report guest data consistency concerns following a disk extend operation (58715)

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Hi Community!

Here is a digest of the Developer Community postings in March 2019.

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CachéQuality for VSCode now available 364

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1 149

Job Opportunity - Relocate from Europe to UK 137

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released 127

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript 125

A Tutorial On WebSockets 122

Embedded SQL vs ObjectScript SQL. What do you prefer and why? 121

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I) 118

Side Effects of Quit and Return Commands with $Increment, or "I.E.Repin. Unexpected..." 117

String to date 116

Behind the scene of isc-tar project 100

Using Docker with your InterSystems IRIS development repository 99

Global Data converted to CSV file 87

CSP: Dynamically Generated Table 79

Behind the scene of isc-tar project and story about Continuous Integration using Github Actions 66

Run A Deep Learning Demo with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part II) 62

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InterSystems Partnertag Österreich 2019 7

Adopted Bitmaps example now on Open Exchange 7

ObjectScript error handling snippets 7

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript 6

InterSystems DACH Symposium 2019 6

Synchronize Data with DSTIME 6

A Tutorial On WebSockets 4

CachéQuality for VSCode now available 3

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I) 3

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released 3

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CachéQuality for VSCode now available 36

HL7 message import to sql server 16

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1 12

Rule to validate SQL syntaxis 12

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header issue with Cors 11

Cache docker image 9

Creating multiple Record Map Records from a single HL7 message 8

Quick way to check if an SSL/TLS configuration name is valid? 7

Sending Messages on the Top of Queue 7

Ensemble to Spring Boot Java app using RabbitMQ 6

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Sep 10, 2019
Code Golf Index

Code golf is a type of recreational computer programming competition in which participants strive to achieve the shortest possible source code that implements a certain algorithm.

Here's a list of Code Golf competitions we had on Developers Community.

And some interesting challenges:

Did I miss something? Add more challenges in comments.

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Hi Developers!

Just want to share the information with you that we support TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2019 this year!

It will take place from 2-4 of October in San Francisco, CA.

We introduced InterSystems special prizes for participants which solutions will use InterSystems IRIS $4,000 and InterSystems IRIS for Health 4,000.

Learn more here.

If you happen to participate we wish you luck and hope you'll leverage InterSystems IRIS data platform functionality to win Disrupt Hackathon 2019!

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An exciting position has arisen for a Junior Application Support Analyst in an established support team. The role will suit candidates looking to enter, or are at the start of their career in, the software industry who want to provide good customer service, enjoy finding solutions for problems and are enthusiastic about software and technology. http://codas.com

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BridgeWorks is pleased to announce a VDM, v9.1.0.1. This release includes the following updates:


  • Historical Linking is now based off connection profile name
  • Saved Formatting is now based off connection profile name
  • Tables and Fields column headers no longer hide based on connection type

Bug Fixes

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In Episode 5 of Data Points, @Bob.Binstock9141 joins us to talk about mirroring databases for high availability in InterSystems products! Most of the discussion centers around this process in InterSystems IRIS, with a few notes about the differences when tackling it in HealthShare. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

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InterSystems has corrected two defects that affect online backup of very large databases. Backups taken via external methods, such as snapshots or direct file copies, are not affected. These defects exist in all released versions of all InterSystems products.

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