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· Jun 10, 2019

IRIS for Health 2019.2 Released

The 2019.2 version of InterSystems IRIS for Health is now Generally Available!


Container images for IRIS for Health are available via the WRC's  download siteThe build number for these releases is 2019.

InterSystems IRIS for Health  2019.2  is the first CD (continuous delivery) release of IRIS for Health.  It has many new capabilities including:

  • enhancements to FHIR STU3 support
  • additional IHE profiles
  • a new JMS (java message service) connector
  • Addition of the IRIS Native API for Python and Node.js and relational access for Node.js
  • Simplified sharding architecture and flexible sharded schema design
  • Support for the new PowerBI connector for InterSystems IRIS
  • New look in the Management Portal
  • System security, performance, and efficiency enhancements
  • Enhancements to the InterSystems Cloud Manager


These are detailed in the IRIS for Health 2019.2 documentation and release notes.


As this is a CD release, it is only available in OCI (Open Container Initiative) a.k.a. Docker container format.  The platforms on which this is supported for production and development are detailed in the Supported Platforms document.  For more information on what a CD release is, review the new release cadence post on InterSystems Developer Community.

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