Evgeny Shvarov · Sep 4, 2019

InterSystems Developers Community Release, September 2019

Hi InterSystems Developers!

Here is are the release notes of Developers Community new features added in August 2019. What's new?

  • Site performance fix;
  • New features for the job opportunity announcements;
  • feature to embed DC posts into other sites;
  • minor enhancements.

See the details below.

DC Performance fix

In August we've fixed a major problem in performance and think that we don't need any more tweaks on it. If you feel that some DC functionality needs performance fixes please submit an issue.

New features for Job Opportunities on InterSystems Developers community


We want to let you know about all the opportunities for a job as InterSystems Developers so with this release we've introduced a few new features to make Job opportunities announcements on DC more visible and handy to use.

Every post with Job Opportunity now have the button - I'm interested which, if you click it, sends a Direct Message to a member who submitted a vacancy with the following text:

"Hi! I'm interested in your job opportunity "name of job opportunity"(link). Send me more information please".

Job Opportunities now have a new icon - suitcase (for your laptop?).

Job posters!

If the job opportunity is closed you can click a Close button now which will hide it and which will let developers know that this opportunity is no longer available.

This action will hide the opportunity into drafts.

DC articles embedded to other sites

With this release, we introduced a feature to embed DC post (an article, or event, or question) into another site.

Just add 


parameter to an article and this gives you a link ready to be embedded into another site as an iframe.



Minor changes

Again we've fixed a lot of bugs and introduced some nice features, e.g. better support for tables in markdown, new options for members sorting - by posts rating, comments rating, answers rating.

Also, we added an extra link to the app in the bottom of the article if the link to the Open Exchange app is introduced.

We also added a few enhancements in translated articles management - see new articles in Spanish Community.

See the full list of changes with this release and submit your issues and feature requests in a new kanban.

Stay tuned!

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