· Mar 15, 2021
FHIR Analytics

Hi developers,

We have received quite a lot of interest in using SQL on FHIR data. As you know, FHIR data is encoded in the form of a complex directed graph, and thus you can not easily query it with traditional SQL queries or business intelligence tools. Some customers have noticed that the "FHIR search tables" in IRIS for Health have flattened part of the FHIR graph, and have tried to use them for analytics. This is an undocumented and unsupported part of IRIS for Health, and can change without notice.

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Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that the Readmission Demo has been released as open source. Many thanks to the Solution Factory team that worked hard on making this possible.

Here are the changes:

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Hi Community!

We'd like to invite you to join our next contest to share your FHIR knowledge:

🏆 InterSystems IRIS for Health Contest: FHIR for Women's Health 🏆

Submit an application that uses InterSystems FHIR or InterSystems Healthcare Interoperability!

    Duration: November 14 - December 4, 2022

    Prizes: $13,500!

    >> Submit your application here <<

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    Hey Community,

    Please join the next InterSystems online programming competition:

    🏆 InterSystems FHIR Accelerator Programming Contest 🏆

    Submit an application that uses InterSystems FHIR-as-a-service on AWS or helps to develop solutions using InterSystems IRIS FHIR Accelerator.

      Duration: May 10 - June 06, 2021

      Total prize: $8,750

      👉 Landing page 👈

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      Hey Developers!

      This week is a voting week for the InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR Contest!

      So, it's time to give your vote to the best FHIR solutions built with InterSystems IRIS for Health.

      🔥 You decide: VOTING IS HERE 🔥

      How to vote? This is easy: you will have one vote, and your vote goes either in Experts Nomination or in Community Nomination.

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      Hi Community!

      We're pleased to invite you to the Online meetup with the winners of the InterSystems FHIR programming contest!

      Date & Time: Friday, September 4, 2020 – 11:00 EDT

      What awaits you at this virtual Meetup?

      • Our winners' bios.
      • Short demos on their applications.
      • A short interview with all the winners about the past contest. Plans for the next contests.

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      Hi Community!

      We are pleased to invite all the developers to the upcoming InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR Contest Kick-Off Webinar! The topic of this webinar is dedicated to the FHIR Programming Contest.

      On this webinar, we will talk and demo how to use the IRIS-FHIR-Template to build FHIR solutions using InterSystems IRIS for Health.

      Date & Time: Tuesday, August 11 — 11:00 AM EDT

      🗣 @Evgeny Shvarov, InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Manager
      🗣 @Guillaume Rongier, InterSystems Sales Engineer
      🗣 @Patrick Jamieson, InterSystems Product Manager - Health Informatics Platform

      What awaits you at this webinar?

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      Hi Developers!

      Here're the technology bonuses for the FHIR programming contest that will give you extra points in the voting:

      • FHIR Server REST API usage
      • The usage of SQL Schema of FHIR Resources
      • Healthcare standards data transformation
      • Docker container usage

      See the details below.

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      Hey Community,

      We're excited to announce that Community webinars are back!

      Let us invite you all to @Ron Sweeney's webinar on Scaling InterSystems FHIR Server on Amazon Web Services with ECP.

      Join this webinar to make a technical deep dive, see a demonstration, and benchmark horizontal scaling InterSystems FHIR Server on Amazon Web Services with Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP).

      Date & Time: Thursday, August 18, 8 AM ET | 2:00 PM CEST
      👨‍🏫 Speaker: @Ron Sweeney, Full Stack Architect at Integration Required

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      Hello Community,

      As you may know, the next release FHIR R5 is currently published in "beta". Right now, it is undergoing a quality review. And we'd like to invite YOU to participate in this process!

      Your task, if you wish to accept it 😉, is to check text descriptions, copy editing, and grammar. To facilitate this quality review, ClinFHIR is being used, which is a web tool used for developer education on FHIR and to help developers to visualize FHIR data and to plan out the building of FHIR applications. For instructions on how to do the quality review of FHIR R5 read this short document. The application you will use to do the quality review is here.

      This is how ClinFHIR looks in action for this FHIR R5 Quality Review:

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      Hey Community,

      We are really looking for your feedback on a new offering - InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service.
      It went live on AWS Marketplace where you can try it for free!

      We launched a related challenge on GM where you can get points for giving it a try and a "thank you" prize to everyone who leaves feedback in comments to this post.

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