· Dec 21, 2020

New Video: Putting a match to FHIR with Postman Newman

Hi Community,

Enjoy watching the next video by @Ron Sweeney on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Putting a match to FHIR with Postman Newman
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Hello Newman
So given the STAR method on how to explain this effort, here it goes.

Production implementation of a FHIR® Resource Server, fronted with a robust API Manager for speed and profit.

Considering the implementation required all types of optimizations for the Web Onion serving the requests, make sure the API doesn't go "Casters Up" for general use. 

Build out a repeatable process for checking your implementation work, pay attention to two parts: 

  • Latency between the layer of the onion leading up to the durable persisted store, do they look comparable?
  • An auto-scale group is in use, and some load balancing is going on. Can we identify a breaking point where we throw 502's, more importantly, make sure we don't get any of these.

Wrote a Postman collection that can be run interactively for Infrastructure Engineers to tune the Web Onion and run the same thing in CI/CD pipelines against a FHIR resource server.

Enjoy watching this video and a big applause for @Ron Sweeney! 👏🏼

Stay tuned!

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