· Jul 7, 2021

Try out InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service - we want your feedback!

Hello Developers!

Have you ever had to convert HL7v2 messages to FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and found the process complicated and confusing? InterSystems is rolling out a new cloud based SaaS offering called InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service, which makes the process easy.  We are excited to announce an Early Access Preview Program for our new offering, and we would love to have you kick the tires and let us know what you think!  All you need is a free AWS account, with an S3 bucket to drop in your HL7v2 messages, and another S3 bucket to get your FHIR output. 


Check out this simple demo of the functionality here:
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simple step-by-step guide on how you can sign up for a free AWS account and a free InterSystems Cloud Portal account and exercise the powerful functionality of the transformation services can be found on the InterSystems Learning Site.  Full documentation is available within InterSystems Documentation.

We are going to be formally launching this offering later in July, and when the preview is over you can still take advantage of getting your first one million transformations for free!


More details on this new offer from InterSystems:

Introducing InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service. The health information industry has embraced FHIR®, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, as its newest data standard for exchanging healthcare data. The on-demand InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service enables healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to convert their existing data formats to FHIR standards and extract the most value from their data.  InterSystems is a leader in healthcare interoperability, implementing not only the latest FHIR standard, but all major healthcare standards including HL7v2, X12, CDA, C-CDA, and DICOM.

InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service was designed to make converting messages from these earlier standards into FHIR R4 simple, with the initial release supporting the transformation of HL7 v2 messages to FHIR R4.  The FHIR messages can then be sent to an AWS S3 bucket or Amazon HealthLake (Preview), with other FHIR repository options being added in the future.

HealthShare Message Transformation Services makes transforming HL7v2 messages into FHIR simple.  You don't need to worry about transformation logic, so you can shift your focus to building great healthcare applications, leaving the complexities of message transformations to InterSystems. The service provides:

  • Easy provisioning and launching on AWS
  • Checking your inbound S3 bucket for HL7v2 messages
  • Validating of HL7 contents
  • Message conversion to FHIR R4
  • Routing converted messages to your outbound S3 bucket, the InterSystems FHIR Server (Preview) service, or an Amazon HealthLake (Preview) repository
  • Monitoring the status and statistics of your transformation pipelines

Additionally, the service is built on the AWS infrastructure, so it is ISO 27001:2013 and HITRUST certified to support HIPAA. InterSystems manages the operations, monitoring, and backups of the service.

Best of all, once this offering is launched commercially, you will get the first one million transformations for free and after that you will pay for only what you use with a very low cost per transformed message.  There will be no long-term contracts for using this service - cancel any time.  

We are very interested in your feedback.  Please leave comments on this article with feedback, or reach out to the team directly at

UPDATE:  July 15, 2021

InterSystems is very pleased to announce that as of July 15th, HeathShare Message Transformation Services is now available as a commercial offering in the AWS Marketplace:

You can subscribe from your AWS account and new subscriptions will receive the 1 million free transformations (try before you buy).  Preview accounts created under the Early Access Preview Program will continue to work for a month after they have been created.  

We are still VERY interested in seeing people try this service and provide us with specific feedback on how it might bring value to them and their organization.  Please feel free to start up discussions on this thread or reach out to

HL7 ® and FHIR ® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and the use of these trademarks does not constitute an endorsement by HL7. Use of the FHIR trademark does not constitute endorsement of InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service or InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service by HL7.

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Hi Ben

I would be very happy to participate. I have a number of Patient HL7 Interfaces and a lot of LabTrak Interfaces as well so I will feed a little bit of hands on help to get my IRIS for Health 2021Python Foundation completed and configured and then I add an operation into any of the interfaces to send a steady stream of HL7 messages into the FHIR Server.