Hi guys,

I've two Ensemble instances running in a 2016 server but only one of them showing in startup programs.

the ensemble cubes doesn't showup in the programs list from the Start button as well so how can I add the cube so I can access it's facilities (Studio, MP,...etc)

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I am trying to pull the status of operations in health connect. I'm successfully pulling if it's enabled/disabled, but I'm not getting access to where the current item status is held (for example, items in error). I found "##class(EnsPortal.Utils).ItemStatuses", but I can't retrieve data from that. Is this data readily accessible via another means?

Thank you!

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Hi Guys,

I'm exporting a Zen report to excel using the following : SET Status=rpt1.GenerateReport("c:\temp\Intruments.xls",10)

and it's working ok but I'm getting extra fields that they shouldn't be there.

here is the correct html format :

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Hi everyone,

We are trying to verify a signature against a certificate without success.

Apologies in advanced if my post lack info.

I've added the cert under the X509 credentials under the management portal (alias Cert).

The code snippet that we are using to verify the cert:

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Hi Guys,

I'm getting the below TLS error in SSL_connect(), SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, I've treid mulitple SSL/TLS configuration and still get the same error, so should I be asking the client that I'm trying to connect if there a specific certificate or configuration!?

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Rochdi Badis · May 4
HTTP post request

Hi Guys,

How do I do a HTTP post request using a curl and get a response, the response should be a JSON file ? a sample code would be really appreciated.


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Hi everyone, how do you run multiple quires?

I have tried couple of different ways, but not working.

SET sql = 2

Set sql(1) = "UPDATE QUERY"

Set sql(2) = "UPDATE QUERY"

Set sqlStatement=##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()

Set sc1=sqlStatement.%Prepare(.sql)

If $$$ISOK(sc1) {

Set tResult = sqlStatement.%Execute()





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Rochdi Badis · Jul 21
Zen Page source url

Hi Guys,

usually when I want to find out which class is a zen page is, I just right click on the page and go to properties and this will show me the class url, but with this client I don't get properties as below !?


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We are migrating from AIX to Linux and part of our testing is trying to figure the best method to migrate the code. I am trying to export an entire Production, however I keep running into an error...

Error generating export list for production osuwmc.TestClin and all items may not be listed.
ERROR #5002: Cache error: <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zgetRecordandComplexMapClasses+34^Ens.Config.Production.1 *(No name)

I went through any Complex Record Maps, and recompiled them but I am still getting the same error

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Rochdi Badis · Aug 20
Inbound adapter URL

Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie in Ensemble productions and I've been asked to create an Inbound adapter and specify a port of which clients can send through JSON files and I did as attached, but now I've been asked to provide the URL to give to our clients so they send their JSON files to and I don't know what URL is should look like!?


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Hi All,

I have configured Business Operation with EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter and set properties.

In the BusinessOperation method I am trying to create %Net.HttpRequest

Set httpRequest= ##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()

to post REST Service.

I am able to access HTTPServer ,URL details form Adapter using below code

Set httpRequest.Server = ..Adapter.HTTPServer
Set httpRequest.Location = ..Adapter.URL

How to read SSLConfiguration from Adapter properties?

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Good morning,

We would appreciate your support:

Developing an integration to perform a "Query / Retrieve" circuit with DICOM medical imaging studies, we would need the following:

Options of invocation of the DICOM TCP service that has been published for this integration, alternatives to the command line option.

Specifically we have read: Receive DICOM document with an embedded PDF and metadata.

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