Hi Jeffrey!

Just a note to say THANK YOU!!! I completed the training you shared in your previous message and helped me create my first BPL.

The BPL is working, although further testing is needed.  

@JeffreyDrumm Thanks! I'll go over the training session. 

Here are the routes

  1. One ORM_O01 comes from an external system (Cerner) into one IRIS business service; then,
  2. ORM message is sent to the BP > goes through 2 DTLs. 
    • One DTL creates an ADT_A31 message from the ORM message
    • Epic receives the ADT message and creates a patient, if the patient doesn't exist in it
  3. 2nd DTL processes the ORM message
  4. One rule processes both, ADT and ORM messages, and sends each one to their respective BOs.

The ADT message needs to be sent to Epic first, before the ORM message. I'm struggling with making this happen.

At the moment, IRIS is sending both out exactly at the same time. When the patient doesn't exist in Epic, the ORM fails to post. If patient exists, then ORM files successfully in Epic.  

I think I need a BPL to delay the ORM a few seconds. Do you agree? Creating a BPL is new to me and my team mates. 

Thank you! Any insight will be appreciated. 

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