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Hi Luis,

Thanks for your response.

1-Does that mean that the current built in process does not support the PUT/DELETE by default and I have to amend the code?

2-In regards to the identifier (id) for patient resources, I attempted to utilize the Medical Record Number (MRN) as the identifier. However, I observed that the FHIR server consistently assigns a different numerical value, potentially through an auto-incrementing mechanism. Does this imply that modifying this identifier is not permissible? Additionally, is it necessary to initiate a GET request to retrieve the resource identifier before executing a PUT request for updating patient information?

Thanks Luis, your documentation is rich and really helpful! 

I just thought that we might be able to use the built in process instead of re-writing all the code manually... When you say: define in the HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Request message the property.. Can you please clarify where I can do that? As I mentioned earlier I'm using  HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.HC.SDA3.FHIR.Process.. Do you suggest to take a copy of it and amend it?

And even if I do that , this class only accept :  Ens.StreamContainer and  HS.Message.XMLMessage (The one I'm currently using, mentioned in my previous post)

And I noticed that this class has a block of code that handle the PUT method (but I couldn't find anything related to DELETE, and I don't really know how to access the PUT block as all the information are being filled automatically and I'm just passing the SDA message):


Another piece of code: 

Do you have any suggestion regarding that? Regarding handling DELETE and PUT methods? Or do you suggest to follow the documentation you provided earlier and write the code manually and disregard this process class?

Thanks for your response Evgeny.

2-"The data is stored in IRIS database, in global arrays - as any data other stored via InterSystems data products": Is there a Global  naming convention to access these data? 

3-  How can we access data in FHIR resources programmatically? Are there specific libraries provided by InterSystems for this purpose?

 I mean: Let's say I'm creating a new class in studio, to read  (GET) or to insert a resource (POST) or to update (PUT) a FHIR data resource.. How to do so using the code/object script studio 

4- Are there some examples of how to use these classes?

5-I'll be waiting for Patrick and Daniel feedbacks 

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