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...or using a stored procedure along these lines:

ClassMethod RenameTable(oldName As %String, newName As %String) As %String [ SqlProc ]
   try {
      &sql(select %ID into :className
         from %Dictionary.ClassDefinition
         where SqlTableName = :oldName
      if SQLCODE set status = "Error: Table '" _ oldName _ "' not found." quit

      set classDef = ##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinition).%OpenId(className)
      set classDef.SqlTableName = newName
      set saveStatus = classDef.%Save()
      set status = $case(saveStatus, 1: "OK", : "Error: " _ $system.Status.GetErrorText(saveStatus))
   } catch {
      set status = "Error: " _ $zerror
   return status

Note: This doesn't handle the special case where there is no 'SqlTableName' defined.

Hi Dimitry,

Was the webinar recorded? I'd say you'll get at least another 80 viewers if you publish it...



Agreed, and if you want to have your cake and eat it, too:

if (a) { set b = a }
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