Kathy Ward · Aug 9
Comparisons in DTLs

Is there a way to compare the value in a source field against all of the values in a repeating field?  For example, we have multiple DG1 target segments populated.  Is there an easy way to check a source DG1 segments against all of the target DG1 segments?  I didn't know if there is a wild card I can use for the comparison.

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Greetings and thank you for reading.


I have an namespace with many operations using record maps to write out to both local files and sftp.

We are looking ahead and creating a troubleshooting guide and we see where we can have a failed service send part of a large batch of records through our BPLs and DTLs to the operations and we will in effect have records sitting there in batches that we will want to delete prior to rollover so we can send a entire new complete batch once we mitigate the failure in the service.

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We have a scenario where a bad message(With control character in some fields) is coming frequently in our Standard HL7 Business Service.

I do see the process gets shut down because of E=D action code. I also see the service logging an "Warning" about the bad message. But service is not shutting down.

Is there a way to handle this error right at the service to avoid multiple processes going down? Not sure if we can create a task, which audits the service logs every few minutes. But that will involve some coding and checking of time when the errors happens.

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