· Feb 14

Studio to VSCode migration docs now include keyboard shortcuts

For those of you who still use the Studio IDE for ObjectScript programming and are going through the process of migrating to VS Code, did you know there's a section in the VS Code documentation just for you? Have a look at the Migrating from Studio chapter. It covers:

  • Server-side editing and source control
  • Studio projects
  • Importing server definitions from the Windows Registry
  • Loading Studio snippets and syntax colors

And now there's a new section, Keyboard Shortcuts, that shows you the VS Code equivalent for shortcuts you may be used to, so your hands never have to leave the keyboard. In many cases, the shortcut remains the same, so there's no re-training necessary. And remember, All shortcuts in VS Code are user-configurable, so you have a level of control Studio never offered. Finally, pay close attention to the "VS Code Notes" column in the shortcuts table. It has pointers to a number of 3rd-party VS Code extensions that make your programming life more pleasant. From bookmarking locations in a file to adding TODO reminders to code, to simulating Emacs, Vim or Eclipse key bindings, the VS Code extensions ecosystem is a terrific productivity resource. 

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