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InterSystems Developer Community July 2023 Digest

Hello and welcome to the July 2023 Developer Community Digest.
General Stats
162 new posts published in July:
32 new articles
43 new announcements
83 new questions
4 new discussions
281 new members joined in July
11,751 posts published all time
10,025 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
LangChain – Unleashing the full potential of LLMs
By Muhammad Waseem
Profile ObjectScript with more power
By Dmitry Maslennikov
Password Manager using Flask and InterSystems IRIS
By Oleksandr Zaitsev
By Zhang Fatong
By Shanshan Yu
A portal to manage memory made with Django - Part 1
By Heloisa Paiva
Home, warm home
By Sergey Mikhailenko
How to overload methods in ObjectScript
By Hiroshi Sato
Using IRIS Populate Utility To Populate Data
By Jimmy Xu
Using LLMs without Burning Dollars - Different Database Query Strategies
By Sowmiya Nagarajan
Character-Slice Index
By Robert Cemper
How to get the size of a global programmatically
By Mihoko Iijima
Integration Helper - Display Request and Response Message types
By Alex Woodhead
Using the new InterSystems IRIS Hibernate 6 Dialect for a Springboot Project
By yurimarx Marx
How to find a specific global variable in the journal file with a command
By Mihoko Iijima
How to determine if the value of a local variable is OREF
By Satoshi Hosoi
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
An experiment on generative AI and FHIR
By José Roberto Pereira
Step by step guide to create personalized AI with ChatGPT by using LangChain
By Muhammad Waseem
Using AI to Simplify Clinical Documents Storage, Retrieval and Search
By Ikram Shah
Doctor-Patient Conversations: AI-Powered Transcription and Summarization
By Sowmiya Nagarajan
GPT meets FHIR: Leveraging the power of Open API specs
By Ikram Shah
Facilitating Document Export: Share Text and Tabular Data to Google Docs and Sheets
By Ikram Shah
By Muhammad Waseem
Iris FHIR Python Strategy
By Guillaume Rongier
Using iknowpy to do analytics on logs from iris-fhir-generative-ai
By José Roberto Pereira
Creating Custom Captions for Interoperability Business Host Settings
By Jeffrey Drumm
FHIR Oauth
By Guillaume Rongier
Local K8s Deployment of a FHIR server
By Guillaume Rongier
#InterSystems IRIS BI (DeepSee)
#Developer Community Official
#InterSystems IRIS
By Sean Connelly
Developer preview #5 for InterSystems IRIS, & IRIS for Health 2023.2
By Fabiano Sanches
Developer Meetup in Boston: Generative AI Use Cases in Healthcare
By Olga Zavrazhnova
[Video] Projecting Data into InterSystems IRIS with Foreign Tables
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2023.1.1 are available
By Fabiano Sanches
Familiarize yourself with InterSystems Certification's Recertification Policy.
By Emily Geary
[Video] What Is InterSystems IRIS for Supply Chain
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Open to Work
By Cristiano Silva
[Video] Scaling for User and Data Volume in InterSystems IRIS
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Developer preview #6 for InterSystems IRIS, & IRIS for Health 2023.2
By Fabiano Sanches
[Video] Using the InterSystems Terminal
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Managing InterSystems Servers - Virtual August 14-18, 2023 - Registration space available
By Larry Finlayson
[Video] Controlling Command Flow with Postconditional Expressions
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Developer preview #7 for InterSystems IRIS, & IRIS for Health 2023.2
By Fabiano Sanches
#Developer Community Official
#Open Exchange
#IRIS contest
#Global Summit
#Job Opportunity
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Global Masters
#Learning Portal
#InterSystems IRIS
Build iris image with cpf merge
By Guillaume Rongier
SOAP Outbound Operation
By Padmaja Konduru
How can we convert unix timestamp to date (dd mon yyyy) for example unix timestamp. = 572486400 and i want to convert it to 22 Feb 1988?
By Sukhpreet Singh
What is the difference between iris2021 and IRIS2020
By chen yuhang
default value to property in classes
By Gautam Rishi
Are there any known causes of IRIS entering a deadlock/hang state?
By Norman W. Freeman
REST Documentation Confusion
By Scott Roth
How to call multiple SQL gateway connections in BO
By xiang feng
%Get() method on result set can i set a default value if column return empty string
By Gautam Rishi
%CONTAINS doesn't work with "time" string
By Vivian Lee
Alternatives to Common Table Expressions in IRIS
By Alexander Obolenskiy
REST - ERROR #6097: Error 'Read+28^%Net.HttpRequest.1' while using TCP/IP device '9999'
By Scott Roth
Configure SFTP Operation to use Multi Factor Authentication
By Julio Rodriguez
Is there a way to view/mount journals from another system on a local instance ?
By Norman W. Freeman
I want to define some properties in Ens.StringResponse Class
By Abhishek Raj
debugging %Library.ResultSet
By Gautam Rishi
Is it possible to hide certain properties in a class from displaying in the BPL visual editor?
By Kevin Kindschuh
StorageLocation purge for DICOM production
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Is there a good existing way to export all derived classes of a given class?
By Sam Duncan
Embedded Python and IRIS Streams
By Menno Voerman
How can I run an iris sql command using AWS SSM?
By Eduard Lebedyuk
ODBC connection timeout while loading from big data tables
By Jude Mukkadayil
Is there any way to create a global that will be available in all the namespaces?
By Sukhpreet Singh
Can we fetch data from a global if name of the global is stored in a string?
By Sukhpreet Singh
Validate JSON string
By Matjaz Murko
Some questions about garbage collector
By Norman W. Freeman
Custom Business Process Required Methods
By Michael Davidovich
Internal storage is being occupied by .DAT files, Database Space & Journals. Does IRIS has internal Cloud Storage capacity ?
By Pavan Kumar Rayudu
Angular and IRIS REST Api backend - development environment best practices
By Davide Vittorio Pagani
Thowing errors and raising alerts
By Lewis Houlden
Caching inProc BOs between invocations?
By Eduard Lebedyuk
ERROR #6085: Unable to write to socket with SSL/TLS configuration 'OSUWMC', error reported 'error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line
By Scott Roth
SSL/TLS error return from SSL_read()
By Scott Roth
REST Service uses CSP license session after Upgrade from Caché to IRIS
By Fabio Care
EnsLib.JavaGateway.Service - Seeing what is connected to it
By Scott Roth
How to automatically resend an HTTP message from a Business Operation
By Pietro Di Leo
EnsLib.JavaGateway.Service - Gateway Server failure timeout
By Scott Roth
REST API Request Logging
By Scott Roth
How does concurrency control work?
By Rafael Bikkin
How do I retrieve the name of the first GLOBAL from within the GLOBAL directory?
By Pedro Lopes
how to put dynamic filter clause in Embedded SQL
By Gautam Rishi
I want to Fetch columnType for sql query
By Prashant Singhal
Java Gateway, Java version?
By Dmitry Maslennikov
How does Visual Studio Code Terminal connect to IRIS? SSH or WebService?
By Kevin Kindschuh
How to keep each package's repository separate?
By Jason Jones
Is it possible to get a list all active open TCP/IP connections made by IRIS ?
By Norman W. Freeman
Get sql statement that has been in executed by %ResultSet or %Library.ResultSet
By Gautam Rishi
IRISPIP Cryptodome C++ Error
By Armin Gayl
Class Documentation
By Phil Burkhalter
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
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