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mirroring cache 2015.2

Dear experts,
Please, could you give me any tips about it?

I have two servers (primary and secundary, both are mirroring members) configurated:


I turned off server "SOROSERVER1" and tried failover to server "SOROSERVER2", but is returning a lot of errors in log (cconsole).
Below are messages saved in cconsole log.

07/18/23-11:26:37:882 (748) 0 [SYSTEM MONITOR] Mirror state: Member type = Failover, Status = Transition
07/18/23-11:26:38:934 (2880) 0 LMF Info:  Connected to license server,4001
07/18/23-11:26:46:712 (2864) 1 ValidateFailoverPartner: Failed: Timed out waiting for initial "OK" from SoroServer:2188
07/18/23-11:26:46:712 (2864) 2 Failed to become either Primary or Backup at startup
07/18/23-11:26:52:579 (2864) 1 ValidateFailoverPartner: Failed: Timed out waiting for 2nd "OK" from SoroServer:2188 (c:\intersystems\hsfoundation\)
07/18/23-11:27:12:688 (748) 0 [SYSTEM MONITOR] Mirror status changed. Member type = Failover, Status = Waiting
07/18/23-13:54:19:308 (748) 1 [SYSTEM MONITOR] ISCAgent Warning: ISCAgent reported ERROR #2164: The ISCAgent returned an invalid status response.

Please,  what types of tests can I do to solve this issue?

Thank you so much.

Product version: Caché 2015.1
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The error messages that reference port 2188 (the default ISCAgent port) suggest that the previous answers found the culprit.  If the backup member cannot communicate with the original primary, it will not failover unless you force it.  The software cannot determine whether the primary has failed (in which failover is the correct action) or the backup has been disconnected from the network and the primary is fine (in which failover is incorrect -- this causes both members to act as primary).

If you've resolved this, please post.  As Vic said, if this is urgent, contact WRC.  Longer term, you might consider upgrading, as there have been many mirroring improvements since 2015.