· Jul 28

InterSystems Classroom Training will now be issuing Digital Badges

InterSystems US Classroom Training  is now issuing digital badges for successfully completing training, and we are retroactively distributing these badges to our classroom learners since May 2020. The badges are issued through Credly, a company that manages digital credentials, and will be delivered via email, asking you to accept your new training badge shortly. If this is your first time earning a badge through Credly, you will be prompted to make an account and whether you wish to automatically accept InterSystems badges.

Many learners received badges over the week - please check your emails to see if you have one waiting for you!

Some courses, including custom trainings and InterSystems Change Control, are still in the works. As this is an ongoing project to transition to the digital badges, we appreciate your patience with receiving the badges.

Share Your Accomplishment!

Sharing your badge on LinkedIn, other social media, or via email makes your training badge public and is a great way to let others know of your achievement.

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