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Password Manager using Flask and InterSystems IRIS


A password manager is an important security tool that allows users to store and manage their passwords without the need to remember or write them down in insecure places. In this article, we will explore the development of a simple password manager using the Flask framework and the InterSystems IRIS database.

Key Features

Our password manager application will provide the following key features:

  1. User registration with account creation.
  2. User authentication during login.
  3. Adding new passwords with a title, login, and password.
  4. Encryption and secure storage of passwords in the database.
  5. Viewing the list of saved passwords for a user.
  6. Editing and deleting saved passwords.
  7. Ability to log out and end the session.

Future Plans

While the current version of our password manager application already offers essential functionality, there are several potential future enhancements that can be considered:

  1. Password strength evaluation: Implement a feature to analyze the strength of passwords entered by users. This can include checking for complexity, length, and the presence of special characters.
  2. Two-factor authentication (2FA): Integrate a 2FA mechanism to add an extra layer of security during login. This can involve using SMS verification codes, email verification, or authenticator apps.
  3. Password generator: Include a password generator that can generate strong, random passwords for users. This feature can provide suggestions for creating unique and secure passwords.
  4. Password expiration and change reminders: Implement a mechanism to notify users when their passwords are due for expiration or recommend periodic password changes to enhance security.
  5. Secure password sharing: Allow users to securely share passwords with others, such as family members or team members, while maintaining the necessary encryption and access controls.


By incorporating these enhancements, our password manager can evolve into a more robust and feature-rich application, catering to the increasing security needs of users.

Tools Used

To develop our password manager, we will be using the following tools:

  • Flask: A lightweight web framework for building web applications in Python.
  • InterSystems IRIS: A high-performance database that provides reliable data storage and management.

Benefits of Using Flask and InterSystems IRIS

  • Flask provides simplicity and conciseness in web development by offering a wide range of tools and functionalities.
  • Flask allows easy creation of routes, handling requests, and returning HTML responses.
  • InterSystems IRIS ensures reliable data storage, providing high performance and security.
  • Using a database for storing passwords ensures encryption and protection against unauthorized access.


A password manager developed using Flask and InterSystems IRIS provides a convenient and secure way to store and manage passwords. It allows users to store complex passwords without the need to remember or write them down in insecure places. Developing such an application is a great exercise for learning web development with Flask and working with databases.

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