· Jul 19, 2023

The 2nd InterSystems Idea-A-Thon

Hi Developers!

We’re happy to invite you to the contest dedicated to your bright ideas related to InterSystems technology:

🎁 The 2nd InterSystems Idea-A-Thon 🎁

Post an idea according to the topic of this Idea-A-Thon between August 01 and August 21 and receive a guaranteed prize.

Both InterSystems employees and Community Members are invited to participate!



💡 Run solutions fast, safe, and green with InterSystems IRIS 💡

The topic is based on a presentation made by @Jeff Fried during the InterSystems Global Summit 2023: InterSystems IRIS What's New, What's Next - YouTube 

So, this Idea-A-Thon is announced for ideas that, once implemented, will improve speed and reliability, and reduce carbon footprint for solutions based on InterSystems IRIS. 

Will be accepted ideas that help to:

  • improve the performance of solutions,
  • decrease required hardware resources for their implementation,
  • reduce workdays for development, testing, implementation, user training,

and other ideas related to the Idea-A-Thon topic.  

👉 To join our Idea-A-Thon, please submit an idea(-s) on the InterSystems Ideas portal.

Accepted ideas should:

  • be created during the Idea-A-Thon period by a user registered on the InterSystems Ideas portal (you can log in via InterSystems SSO);
  • not be part of other already existing ideas - only new ideas are allowed;
  • not describe the existing functionality of InterSystems Products or Services;
  • contain, in addition to the title, a detailed description of the idea and a clear explanation of why the idea fits the Idea-A-Thon topic - at least 3-5 sentences;
  • be posted in English;
  • be accepted as meaningful by InterSystems experts

All ideas will be subject to moderation. Clarification of an idea might be requested. 

Ideas that meet the requirements will receive special "Idea-A-Thon" status.

Who can participate?

We invite EVERYONE to join our new Idea-A-Thon. Both InterSystems employees and Community Members are welcome to participate and submit their ideas. 


1. Participant prize - authors of all accepted ideas will get:

🎁 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

2. Expert award - the 3 best ideas will be selected by InterSystems experts. Winners will get:

1st place - 🎁 Apple Watch SE / Fairphone Fairbuds XL headphones

2nd place - 🎁 Speaker bundle JBL Pulse 5 / Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation / LEGO Star Wars R2-D2

3rd place -  🎁 LEGO Porsche 911 / Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2

3. Community Award - an idea with the most votes will get:

🎁 LEGO Porsche 911 / Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2

Note: InterSystems employees can only get the participation prize. Expert and Community awards can only be won by non-InterSystems members of the Community. 

Contest period

⚠️ Idea Submission: August 1 - 21

✅ Voting for ideas: August 1 - 27

🎉 Winners announcement: August 28

We encourage you to share your ideas on the Ideas portal during this period. Registered members can participate by voting and providing comments on published ideas.

Note: only votes from active Community users who have made at least one post on the Developer Community are counted for the Community Award.


Post your idea(s) on the InterSystems Ideas portal, and stay tuned for your idea's status updates:


Important note: All prizes are subject to availability and shipping options. Some items may not be available for international shipping to specific countries, in this case, an equivalent alternative will be provided. We will let you know if a prize is not available and offer a possible replacement. Prizes cannot be delivered to residents of Crimea, Russia, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or other US-embargoed countries.

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Hi David! 

Thank you for your question. I provide a description and photos below:

This cork fast wireless charging mouse pad is perfect for any desk. Simply put your compatible smartphone on the wireless charging spot while using the mouse pad and save desk space.

11.81" W x 7.88" H x .12" D
Includes a 39-inch USB-A-to-Type-C charging cable
Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits

Hi developers! 

We are pleased to announce that the winners of the 2nd InterSystems Idea-A-Thon will receive not only

great awards: 

but also new unique Global Masters badges.

We have already 27 brilliant ideas qualified for the 2nd Idea-A-Thon contest, but only 11 authors can win, because:

- some authors posted several ideas

- some ideas have been published by InterSystems employees, who can only receive participant prizes, not winner awards.


  And win a prize and get a new unique Global Masters badge.

Note: please explain in the idea description why it fits the 2nd Idea-A-Thon topic:

💡 Run solutions fast, safe, and green with InterSystems IRIS 💡