· Jul 19, 2023

Internal storage is being occupied by .DAT files, Database Space & Journals. Does IRIS has internal Cloud Storage capacity ?

Iris DAT file is filling up  the Internal Storage with available Free Space to Zero. Is there any Alternative measures to reduce the File size or to control the Capacity.  Is there any chance to save Local storage. 

Once the Local Storage is full, Production is not responding and throwing Out of Space Error.

Does IRIS has any Internal Cloud Storage which can be used for managing and Storing  Database Operations. If yes, How can we configure it,

Product version: IRIS 2019.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2019.1.1 (Build 612U), [Health:1.1.2]
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In addition to Luis's documentation i would look here. 

Ensemble Orphaned Messages | InterSystems Developer Community | Best

Again following the other answers it will be for you to determine if the growth of your .dat file is as expected. Have a think if you should be keeping a full time history logs of all your data. 

From your post it does sound like you just aren't getting rid of the transactional data and if you have most things set up correctly and no funny %save operations on your code or embedded xml object messages within messages then if you just start a task to start getting rid of any transactional data over x amount of days you should be fine, NOTE though if you are mirroring be careful setting to short a number of days ago, i.e. if youve had the system 3 months and you decide to keep only 1 month this may be a huge amount of data to delete which would hit your journal files hard and potentially fill it up, try perhaps configure so you only delete 1 days worth of data first (or a week ect) at first and then gradually reduce that number down to your agreed retention period.