· Jul 19

Ens.DataTransform custom settings


I want to add a couple of properties to a custom Transform class to give the user the ability to edit its properties directly in the Business Process visual editor. It can be easily done with other Production components, but I can't find in the documentation how to do the same with my Transform. Is it possible?

And another question is about how to use the 'aux' parameter of the DataTransform.Transform method if my component is non-visual?

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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I don't think a DTL is considered a business host and thus you can't configure parameters for at DTL like you would normally for a business host (service, process, operation). It doesn't have an On{This}() method like the business hosts do and where you would set and change parameters.  What parameter are you trying to change?

I'm not sure about the aux param.  The documentation doesn't seem to encourage programming custom transformations in code, rather the visual editor is pressed.  The transform method seems to be generated from the <transform> tag in the DTL and looking at the .int code in some of my examples I don't see the param used (just set to "").  I'm sure an ensemble process calls it.  Considering it's generated code, I think it would be risky to try to fiddle with that.  Curious to know what it does.

> What parameter are you trying to change?

My subclassed Transform calls some external web service and I want to  allow a user configure that web service settings (url-port-ssl-etc) by clicking on the business process <transform> element. Also, it is crucial that such a transformation cannot be delegated to BO. So anyway, thank you, it is fine if I move settings to BP, but it is not that elegant :(