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Extra Bonuses in the Tech Article Contest 2024: InterSystems IRIS Tutorials

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Hi Community,

Here are the bonuses for the articles in the Technical Article Contest: InterSystems IRIS Tutorials:

Article Topic bonus (5) Video bonus (3) Discussion bonus (1) Translation bonus (2) New member bonus (3) Total points
The bewitched line terminator           0
Insights from unstructured data using SQL Text Search   +   +   5
How to send messages to Microsoft Teams   + + +   6
InterSystems IRIS® CloudSQL Metrics to Google Cloud Monitoring +         5
Connecting to DynamoDB Using Embedded Python: A Tutorial for Using Boto3 and ObjectScript to Write to DynamoDB         + 3
How to create a killer presentation using Open Exchange           0
InterSystems VSCode ObjectScript Extension Pack in glance +         5
Generating meaningful test data using Gemini + +   +   10
Connecting to InterSystems IRIS in VS Code using SQLTools +       + 8
Orchestrating Secure Management Access in InterSystems IRIS with AWS EKS and ALB +       + 8
Tutorial: Adding OpenAI to Interoperability Production + +   + + 13
How to start Using VsCode +     +   7
Creating Unit Tests in ObjectScript for HL7 pipelines using %UnitTest class         + 3
Getting data from InterSystems IRIS CloudSQL using xDBC +     +   7
Query external SQL database to use within a Production         + 3
How to create Data Lookup Tables using the SQL Data Import Wizard         + 3
Tasks & Tricks: The Dev's Fish & Chips       +   2
What more can be done with lists in SQL (%DLIST, %INLIST, FOR SOME)       +   2
Quickstart guide to IRIS DB on Linux Systems         + 3
Tutorial: How to setup 2FA authenticator for IRIS users       + + 5
Python BPL in preview         + 3

Bonuses are subject to change upon update. 

Please claim your bonuses in the comments below!

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@Anastasia Dyubaylo 
I noticed that the point bonus for covering Kubernetes was not included for my article "Orchestrating secure management access to InterSystems IRIS on AWS EKS and ALB":

Please review and let me know if the bonus points can be added. Thank you!