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· Mar 19

Mar.19, 2024 - Advisory: AIX Memory Leak

In evaluating an IBM Support notification, InterSystems has determined a potential impact for our customers. The notification in question is:

Memory Leak in std::string for programs built with xlclang++ 16.1.0 in the presence of the 17.1.1 libc++.a

This issue affects versions 2022.x and 2023.x of

  • InterSystems IRIS® data platform
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • HealthShare® Health Connect

It also affects other InterSystems products based on the InterSystems IRIS family of products.

As described in the notification, the potential exists for a memory leak, which can eventually impact application functionality.  The amount of memory leaked is minimal but operational impact is hard to predict, as it depends on implementation decisions.  To date, InterSystems has received no reports from customers because of this defect.

InterSystems recommends the following actions, depending on InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health™, and HealthShare® Health Connect versions:



Prior to 2022.x

No exposure.


Exposure depends on AIX updates.

Do not apply AIX updates referenced in IBM notification linked above.

(This primarily means AIX 7.3 TL2). If already applied, monitor for problem and if impacted contact InterSystems for remediation.



Monitor for problem and if impacted contact InterSystems for remediation.


No exposure.

InterSystems has created a remediation based on IBM guidance.  It is identified as CRE-7591 and is available via Ad hoc distribution.  The remediation will be included in all future product releases, starting with 2022.1.5 and 2023.1.4.

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.

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