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· Mar 14

InterSystems announces General Availability of InterSystems IRIS 2024.1

The 2024.1 release of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is now Generally Available (GA).

Release Highlights

In this release, you can expect a host of exciting updates, including:

  1. Using vectors in ObjectScript: A powerful capability for optimizing data manipulation.
  2. Vector Search (experimental): A cutting-edge feature for efficient data retrieval.
  3. Multi-Volume Database: Enhancing scalability and storage management.
  4. FastOnline Backup (experimental): Streamlining backup processes.
  5. Multiple Super Server Ports: Providing flexibility in network configuration.
  6. and much more!



Details on all the highlighted features are available through these links below:

In addition, check out this link for upgrade information related to this release.


Early Access Programs (EAPs)

There are many EAPs available now. Check out to this page and register to those you are interested.


    How to get the software?

    As usual, Extended Maintenance (EM) releases come with classic installation packages for all supported platforms, as well as container images in Docker container format. For a complete list, refer to the Supported Platforms page.

    Classic installation packages

    Installation packages are available from the WRC's Extended Maintenance Releases page. Additionally, kits can also be found in the Evaluation Services website. InterSystems IRIS Studio is still available in the release, and you can get it from the WRC's Components distribution page.  


    Container images for both Enterprise and Community Editions of InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health and all corresponding components are available from the InterSystems Container Registry web interface.

    ✅ Build number for this InterSystems IRIS data platform release is: 2024. If you're in the ICR, containers are tagged as both "2024.1" or "latest-em".

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    @Fabiano Sanches 
    this is great news! I see that there are some changes related to LOAD DATA command. Release notes describe the following sentence: "For example, you can interpret dates or timestamps supplied in a format different from the ODBC standard or clean up whitespace or other formatting issues."

    I have a question about these changes. A few months ago the following idea was posted on the Ideas Portal:

    Date format in LOAD DATA to indicate a date/datetime format other than 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss'

    Could you please share has this idea been implemented in the new release?

    Hi @Vadim Aniskin ,

    while putting together a sample of the new feature, I found out that very unfortunately this change did not make it into 2024.1.0 after all. It passed our internal testing a few months ago and was promoted through project and integration branches using our existing automation, and as such was added to the draft list of features we wanted to describe in the release notes. However, because of overlapping changes it did not get promoted into the main release branch automatically (as those earlier steps), and ended up in a manual queue. That took a little longer than expected, and I did not perform a final check before publishing the draft release notes. To my knowledge, this is the first time we had a fully-greenlit feature miss out on the automation, but that's no excuse and we've learned to do a manual check right before release. 

    In short, this change is now on its way to 2024.2, and the 2024.1 release notes will be updated shortly.

    I'm sorry about the confusion this may have caused,