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· Mar 26

Deprecation: InterSystems Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

InterSystems introduced this feature many years ago and a time when using Public Key Infrastructure was not yet widely used. Creating materials for use with Public Key Infrastructure is now widely available, and InterSystems is observing a decline in using the InterSystems PKI. In addition, investments would be required to securely use it. The IRIS PKI documentation stated for years:

The InterSystems PKI is for testing purposes only. Do not use it in a production setting.

As of today March 26, 2024, the InterSystems PKI is now deprecated.

The product documentation has been updated and now states:

Implementation of InterSystems PKI is deprecated. It may be removed from future versions of InterSystems products. The following documentation is provided as reference for existing users only. InterSystems urges users to discontinue use of the PKI features.

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