· Mar 25

Separate data from classes

I am exploring a way to make IRIS an immutable system where the production/operation IRIS is never changed. Changes are only made in Development, and then the "version" is copied to production/operation and stated.

For this to work, I will need data (objects) on a file share and the IRIS system on different systems. When the "new" version spins up, it will use the latest data.

I do not know if I can or how to separate "object data" from classes and code. 

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You absolutely can do this.   Each namespace is set with a Globals DB and a Routines DB.   The Globals are your default data storage, and the Routines are where your code lives

Further to this, there are an array of mapping features allowing your data and code to be spread over multiple databases.   You can read more about this here: