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Columnar vs. Row Storage with IRIS native

  • The idea of this package is to compare the performance of columnar storage    inside IRIS without wrapping it to some foreign platform that is not my world   
  • In addition, I do not want to measure network performance between 2 containers,     but inside a closed IRIS environment that I have fully under my control
  • Even the use of SMP or some other browser-based presentation has some influence that I want to avoid.
  • Measuring should be as close to the core as possible. So I flagged it NATIVE. Some people might feel it is ABORIGINAL.

How to use it

All tests are running in Namespace USER and are initiated
exclusively from the command prompt.

USER>do ^Demo
Test Columnar vs. Row Storage
     1 - Initialize Tables
     2 - Generate Data
     3 - Compare SELECT
     4 - Loop SELECT
     5 - Auto Loop
Select Function or * to exit :
  • 1 create/clear the tables. Package name A to be on top in search
  • 2 fills it with EXACTLY the same data  (INSERT --- SELECT)
  • 3 runs SELECT AVG(Amount) FROM A.??? WHERE Status = 'SENT'
  • 4 allows to add data between SELECT cycles
  • 5 does the same in a larger loop

Being curious I added also DemoB where row store is more advanced
using Bitmap Index and Bitslice Index. This was not so impressive.


The gain in speed is significant   
Data generated by option 5  provided the base of this EXCEL diagram.   
No surprises!

Special thanks to @Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 
 for the test data layout!

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