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IRIS Engineer

Job title: Integration Engineer/SME
Company: -
Workplace type: Remote
Job type: Contract

Below is the job description for your reference 

Position: Integration Engineer/SME  (US only) 

Location: Remote 

Contract: 12 months 


Job Description:


Looking for IRIS experience must have 

Lead the implementation of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standards within the data warehouse, ensuring accuracy and efficient data exchange across the ecosystem of partner APIs

• Ingest healthcare data from source systems into FHIR resources and profiles through developing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, checking for data quality and integrity

• Create and maintain data mapping specifications to transform non-FHIR data formats into FHIR-compliant data

• Design and maintain the data warehouse's FHIR-based data model to meet the needs of downstream API systems

• Implement security measures and access controls to protect sensitive healthcare data and comply with healthcare data privacy regulations, such as HIPAA

• Maintain comprehensive documentation of FHIR implementations, data transformation processes, and data flows

• Stay informed about industry best practices and evolving FHIR standards

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