· Mar 13

ZAUTHENTICATE.Mac cannot be saved in %SYS other macros can

When trying to save ZAUTHENTICATE.mac the following error occurs 

If it is wrongly named as like ZATHIENTICATE.mac in the %SYS namespace it saves ok so it is something blocking saving a new fresh ZAUTH code of the correct name- we have no other delegated auth that I am aware of. 

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If you are using HealthShare, and I do believe so, please read the following documentation (login required):

Custom Authentication Processing using the Local ZAUTHENTICATE

There you will find:


The ZAUTHENTICATE provided with HealthShare includes callbacks that allow you to add custom processing at specific entry points. Do not modify the supplied ZAUTHENTICATE. Instead, add your callback processing as class methods in the class HS.Local.ZAUTHENTICATE