I've recently encountered a HS Caché that won't start informing that Collation 30 is not available, but I have not found an easy way of knowing what collation is 30.

I've found that the following command returns the ones from the current locale, but not from all locales:

Set Rset = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("%Library.Collate:CollationList")

d Rset.Execute()

While (Rset.Next()) {zw Rset.Number_": "_Rset.Name}

Thank you

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I  have java  language experence. If I need parse a binary tcp packet . like following format

encoded string and send it to peer by tcp

1byte msg type + 4 byte(unsigned int) + raw byte(body)

To parse this package , Some Java code like this:

byte[] data = new byte[1024];

Bytebuf buf  = new ByteBuf(data)

byte type = buf.read()

int len = buf.ReadInt()

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Hello developers!

Share the best practices: 1) saving frequently used code sections, 2) quickly finding it, and 3) quickly including it into the current program?
There was a thought for 1,2 to use DC(this resource), but the search is not always convenient not only for me

The idea on the surface is to use the git repos wiki.
Are there any other best practices?

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i've noticed a strange bug in the 'problem highlighting' of VSCODE and i wasn't sure if this is a problem with the internal library definitions of iris, or with the plug-in itself.


The first line is the correct macro call, but the second one is the one throwing the error. (preprocess vs prepOrocess)

How is this syntax checker's list of strings compiled?

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Hi ,

I tried to import Custom schema with 'Z' segment. I executed "Do ##class(EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer).Interactive()" in IRIS Terminal.

After executed the steps, i am getting below message, So i could not able to add z segment into my customschema 'Test_2.3'
Summary Report for workspace C:\Demo\Migration\Workspace
Schema is Test_2.3
 ALL: 0 matched, 1 unmatched

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 Recently, I meet some problem at product env.

Some outside http request send to my Business Service.   cause service very slow down. So I want find root cause . But at the message trace page. I can't found any source address .    But at Product env. I can't install packet capturer like wireshark . I meet some problem.

And  Second.  Does ensemble can limit request speed at Business Service?  too many requests slowdown my service.



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Hello, we would need some help:

We would like to use a Transformation to convert an ORU_R30 2.3 to ORU_R30 2.5

However Ensemble does not have a HL7 Schema for ORU R_30 2.3

So then our original message is not being recognized:

→ How could we let Ensemble recognize the ORU R30 2.3 structure to be able to use a Transformation?

We have read:

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David Cui · May 24, 2020
calling AIX command failed

I can run the following commands from the AIX command line prompt without any problem

-bash-2.05b$ echo t
-bash-2.05b$ echo œ

When I call from insider cache, I have problem.

USER>D $ZF(-1,"echo t")

USER>D $ZF(-1,"echo œ")

D $ZF(-1,"echo œ")

I am using cache 2017.2.  Can someone shed some light?

Thank you.

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In Cache WIndows environment:

Trying to use the $SYSTEM.SQL.DDLImport to import XML File that has ClassMethods, no SQL Table, but it doesn't appear to be working. I can use this ClassMethod to create SQL Tables. The manual method I have been using is to go into Cache Management Portal, Classes, Import.

I create an XML file first, then run the following to import but get no errors. Any ideas?

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I want to call some Java Remote Call through Java gateway.  The call code as following:

class CallRemote Extends %CSP.REST {

Method Index() as %Status {


      set gw = createJavaGateway()

     Do callJavaMethod(gw)

     do gw.%Disconnect()

Catch {




But Every call need connect to Java Gateway and disconnect it. But It's cost too high( about 80ms)

So, According to my Java experences, I need create some connection and put it into global static ConnectionPool

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Amiram Kasos · Jul 21, 2020
Server-less incoming Web-hooks


Recently I have encountered a new issue, more and more 3rd party applications move to the cloud.

Web-hooks incoming from their sites can no longer be identified using a known and fixed IP address, so our customer's security department blocks them.

In past similar cases we use to grant access in the customer's Fire-Wall to the specified IP address - this is no longer applicable.

Has anyone else encountered this problem ? do you have any ideas ?



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Florian Hansmann · Dec 4, 2020
SQL Query returns x00

Hey Intersystems Community-Member,

Following Issue: When I update a SQL table like (update OnlineV3Admin.ParameterApp set popuptext = '' where ID = '1') and then read it for my Json WebService there is a /"x00" in my Json.

What is the best option to disable that? I need here  a empty String and not /x00.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


Florian Hansmann

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I am trying to do package mapping in the %ALL NameSpace.

I create a new Package Mapping entry and select my database bu the "Package Name" combo box never populates the packages in this database so I cannot select it, see screenshot below, the "Package Name" list remains empty. There definately are packages in that database. Why is this happening? Did I miss a setting?

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I have developed a pos and tested my  bit map on multiple sites, but the switch is not responding,
what do you think the error is:
<log realm="channel/" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:03 EAT 2020.15" lifespan="64ms">
<log realm="channel/" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:17 EAT 2020.802" lifespan="1ms">
      <!-- org.jpos.iso.packager.XMLPackager -->

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I like to be able to call an "autohotkey" executable message box from within a running Cache routine executing as a jobbed routine. The autohotkey executable displays a small pop-up window with a message and an "OK" button .. and will time out in 10 seconds if the user does not press the OK button.

Although $ZF(-1,cmd) executes (where "cmd" contains a simple batch command e.g. @c:\autohotkey\warning.exe), no interactive window appears and, once the autohotkey routine times out, the calling cache routine simply continues.

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Im exporting our xml project from a QA server that has NOT upgraded to a production server that has been upgraded to HealthShare.

We are importing the exported xml over to this production server that is on HealthShare.

Now I havent been able to find the document link today, but I remember reading HealthShare puts all of the imports under a csp/healthshare/ directory.

We are able to view our .csp pages after importing them as xml into Studio on the production server running on HealthShare

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