Ting Wang · Jun 12, 2020

Mass Export DTL

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to migrate old server to new infrastructure and need to sync all the DTL cls from old one to new one. There are hundreds of DTL in system and we tried to export from production but cannot select all at once which might cause some missing classes. Not able to connect to studio or atelier with that server neither. Is there any way that we are able to do mass export from system which will save some effort? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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You can get a list of DTLs with a query like this:

SELECT Name FROM %Dictionary.CompiledClass WHERE Super = 'Ens.DataTransformDTL'

And then you can iterate through the list and use $System.OBJ.Export() to export them to files.

Have you tried exporting the DTL classes from System Management Portal >> System Explorer >> Classes?

We tried but it takes too much manual work. Your first suggestion is awesome. We will try to iterate from a list. Thanks.