Anderson Negreli · Jan 14, 2021

Page break - Zen Report

I have two tables in a row in my report, but if the first table gets too big to the point that tables 1 and 2 don't fit on the page, the page breaks.

The problem is that the page break is happening in the middle of table 2 and I wanted the page to break and leave table 2 on the second page.

No table grows to the point of occupying more than one page alone.

Any tips on how to guarantee this?

Remembering that the reports were made using Zen Report.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Hello Anderson, 

In the <table> table call, style = "page-break-inside: avoid;", if there is space on the sheet it will keep the table. otherwise, put the table on the next page.

I believe this helps;