· Jan 15, 2021

Multiple servers or CSPGateways

Hello to you all,

Strange  titel, so I'll explain better:

I now have IIS-server with a CSPGateway installed. This works fine. But I want to use a rest-service  (or another zen-page, whatever.) on another cache-server

So on IIS i have an application called CSP. (/csp) This contains the handler to map it to the CSPGateway. 
It has been configured to acces a cache-server (X) which will handle the request. But now I want, in this case, the request to be executed on another cache-server(Y).

I can add other servers in the CSP managementportal, (now it had only LOCAL and csp) but how will IIS know which server I want to use for the request?

Bert regards,


Product version: Caché 2017.1
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Hi Simon,

IIS doesn't know which server you want to use - this is handled by the CSP Gateway module.

To get this done you need individual application url paths for each server. In the CSP Web Gateway Management you can define a cache server for each application path:

Select Add Server and create a new server configuration for cache server (Y) 

Option 1:
http(s)://<host>/csp/... --> server X   (all url paths except /csp/api)
http(s)://<host>/csp/api --> server Y

  1. Select Application Access
  2. Create a new application configuration. (e.g /csp/api) and select the server (Y) as Server 0
  3. Edit the /csp application and select the server (X) as Server 0

Option 2:
http(s)://<host>/csp/... --> server X
http(s)://<host>/api /... --> server Y

In IIS add a new application (e.g api) and add the same handler mappings like for csp.

In the CSP Webgateway management you do nearly the same like in option 1, except that you create the new application for /api and map it to the server (Y)

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