Ahmad Bukhtiar · Nov 25, 2020

SearchTable fields can we add MSH.3 Sending Facility field?

Hi can we add one additional field in this table ?

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We had to deal with this issue once. The class is EnsLib.HL7.SearchTable which extends Ens.VDoc.SearchTable. You can extend EnsLib.HL7.SearchTable and add a new PropName "MSHSendingFacility" to the SearchSpec XData block:

<Item DocType=""  PropName="MSHSendingFacility>[MSH:3]</Item>

Or you can create a parallel class that extends %Persistent and Ens.VDoc.SearchTable directly and copy the XData block from EnsLib.HL7.SearchTable, adding the line above to the block.

If you extended the class make sure that you change the settings on the Business Service to the new class.  Also remember to select the new class when doing the search.  Both I have forgotten many times.