Thanks for your time.

Plain $ZF(-1) and $ZF(-2) calls from Cache Studio or Terminal have stopped launching the OS shell from Win10.

cmd (Windows Command Prompt) should be launched.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Ensemble 2016.2.0.585.0 Developer Edition x64

Is this common? I have enabled both %Developer role and a Cache CallOut privilege for all users that operate in this scenario.

In Terminal, W $ZF(-1) prints -1, W $ZF(-2) prints -1

In Studio, W $ZF(-1) hangs the IDE, W $ZF(-2) prints 0

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I have a quick question regarding TSTART, however not certain if there is an answer.

If I am inside the transaction and I loose connection - I always assumed that transaction would TROLLBACK, however it does not.

Is there anything special I need to set up with my TSTART, in order for this transaction to safely rollback?


As example: Let's say I am inside the TSTART and setting up / altering some data and my VPN connection got disconnected. I kind of expect all the data to be rolled back.

Thank you,


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objects in javascript :

var oM = new Object;

var mMode=["down","up","click"] ;
var key,val ;
for (key in mMode)

val = mMode[key] ;
oM[val]={} ;
oM[val].id ="" ;
oM[val].type ="" ;



so I can access the .type directly as :




what is the syntax in CACHE or IRIS, to achieve such approach via class/key/property...?

acctually: class/object/key/property anlaogue to ^GLOBAL(key,"property")=val

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Bill Wang · Dec 22, 2016
Computed property


I have 3 classes defined to model the team/team-member/employee relationship, where each employee can belong to multiple teams, each team can have multiple employees, and one and only one team member is a team leader:

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I am trying to find out if it is possible to decode the Azure access token in IRIS. Has anyone ever tried this before? I need to decode the token to extract the "Scope" details in order to verify the scope to make sure client is permitted to do the request they have done.

If you could point me to any information, that'd be great.

Thank you.


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Hi Group, I've followed the instructions from the documentation to configure LDAP and Ensemble to authenticate, however, I'm unable to authenticate using an account in the LDAP. The user is able to authenticate in a Linux shell. I have added the ObjectClass of IntersystemsAccount and the 3 group definitions to the schema. Other than adding the user to this group, do I have to change the user's objectClass at all?

This is not on active directory - it is a Linux based LDAP solution (slapd).

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We've traditionally run a selection of development environments from a single cache instance using different namespaces for DEV TEST PREP etc. This has come with a few drawbacks, mainly that you then cant break down into namespaces per environment and everything is sharing various options.

Is there a massive overhead to running multiple cache instances from the same 'box' instead?

How best to share the memory setup in that situation, we usually pre-define around 80% for the instance, do we just share that evenly between the multi instance scenario?

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Jeffrey Drumm · Jun 1, 2021
Storing a %DynamicObject

I've been tasked with an interface that needs to supply some additional metadata for the indexing of HL7v2 messages. After toying with a couple of ideas, I thought that it would be useful to subclass EnsLib.HL7.Message, add a %DynamicObject property, and store the metadata in it (it ends up getting sent to the target in JSON form anyway).

And, well, it seems to work just fine ... so far.

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Hello. New to the forum and was hoping I could get some expert help here. I have one data set that is using CHD Logic to combine Procedure and Diagnosis codes to define Sensitive data and flag the record for additional protected filtering. The files coming in define what is flagged and the Clinical Info Rule and Clinical Info Type are tied to the flag in the file which identifies it as a additional protected record.

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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering how can I get fields defined as %GlobalCharacterStream diplayed in a SQL query or even objects?

I've some data that I need to convert over to a new system and the old uses %GlobalCharacterStream data type for one of its fields and I''m unable to display or extract to a spreadsheet, any help pls?


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Lucas Macori · Jun 11, 2021
Parsing null values in JSON

Hello everyone,

I'm creating a REST API with InterSystems Ensemble.

I already have a POST route that parses JSON content into an object defined in a class.

To parse the JSON content, I'm using the JSONStreamToObject method in the Ens.Util.JSON class

Here is how I use it:

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IO devices can be assigned to a mnemonic space using, for example:

u device::"^%X364"

Is there a method that will return the assigned mnemonic space for the current device?

I can infer it by attempting to write to the device using a non existent write /mnemonic and then inspecting the error returned, but this is rather messy and could potentially affect the status of the device. For example:

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I'm using a DTL to convert a custom request class to various R4 FHIR resources using the HS.FHIR.DTL.vR4.Model.Resource classes. All is well with the exception of "meta.profile": when I attempt to hardcode this to a string value, the output is missing the value. This happens for several resources, specifically .HealthcareService, .Location, and .OrganizationAffiliation. I am able to get around this by doing an Insert() in a subsequent code block in a BPL, but was curious if someone knows why this would fail in a DTL.

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I want to add time slot and category metadata to complete my cinema application.

I am following the documentation of the cinema application "https://docs.intersystems.com/latest/csp/docbook/Doc.View.cls?KEY=TWEB2_..." and in that,

I was trying to add theater and time slot. But I was not able to do that.

I was also trying to filter the records as per the ratings and category selection on the search bar. but this is showing some error.

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I am configuring a SOAP HL7 Receiver to handle HL7 Query messages.

I have set up a new class based on EnsLib.SOAP.Service and configured (correctly I hope) the parameters needed. I have also amended the OnProcessInput Method skeleton provide to send messages on to the Business Process needed.

I am struggling to work out what is needed in the Web Methods and how to create them.

Any help with this would be much appreciated especially examples that I can adapt for what I need.

Many thanks

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We are using Cache in our application. We are using default username/password for connecting to the Cache Database through Cache Manege Provider. Can we limit the permission of the user _SYSTEM to access only limited database/namespace.

Can we create new user for ODBC connection? Is there any API provided for creating user with limited access so that the user creation process can be automated.

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