Sébastien Demoustiez · Oct 10, 2016

[Solved]Reset the cursor of a Query (resultset)



First sorry for my english :)


I'm looking for a solution to reset the cursor of a query in a csp page.

In my code I do:

<csp:query name="users" classname="UserId" queryname="Find">
 <csp:while condition="users.Next()">


And 100 lines after I have to do exactly the same ...

Is it a way to do the while without do the query again ?

Something like users.Reset() ??


Thanks a lot for your help



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You can't reset query, and loop again on the same result. You should execute as many as you need their results.

But I think you can store result somehow, to some you buffer, and use it in next time.

Thanks for your answer.


You absolutly right.


You cant directly save the request in a variable but you can create a classmethod that execute the query and return the resultset. And then you can save this return in a variable.


Thanks a lot Dmitry that save 10s of page load :)