GUILHERME CRUZ ... · Aug 10, 2016

Problem in the Property parameters (DISPLAYLIST | VALUELIST) [ SOLVED ]

I'm with a problem in a property, where she has two parameters that conflict, DISPLAYLIST and VALUELIST.

In screen when I'll go to set value in the field, the CACHE transform internally the property of LOGICAL to DISPLAY with propertynameLogicalToDisplay(propertyname), far so good.

My problem is in the property, why, by default she send the value as DISPLAYLIST, in hour of transformation as the value is DISPLAY MODE the error occurs.

How I do to that default value be VALUELIST and not DISPLAYLIST?

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Please post the property definition.

by default she send the value as DISPLAYLIST

How do you get property value?

Property spdstatusfinalizado As %Integer(CAPTION = "Status do pedido finalizado", DISPLAYLIST = ",ANÁLISE COMERCIAL,ANÁLISE FINANCEIRA,EM CARTEIRA", VALUELIST = ",1,2,5") [ InitialExpression = 1 ];

The values are reported on the screen by cspbind property.

Yes I tried to do this, but the select component used here is not the standard, then I would have to insert this tag within the component.

I will examine this possibility.

Thank you!

We managed to find a stopgap solution that proved interesting:

in component

     <Option value = "COMMERCIAL ANALYSIS"> </ option>
</ Select>

We added the value of the displayList that is in the Property.

In this way we managed to do the system to display and save the information without any problems.

Do you think it can cause some other problem?

If you find any other way to be better, I'll be waiting.