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Thanks you Robert and Stephen for you answer

Sorry for the delyed response, the controler connection to our LAN has a technical problem so I am not able to make tests yet.

Soon it will be fix and I will be able to contuine.

It is a nurse call alert system that can connect to the LAN and populate the events by Boradcast/Multicast, soo relevent hosts will catch it.

I want to harvest the Ensemble power ("Ensemble Rocks smiley")  to listen and recevie the events and be able transfer it to 3rd party relevent application on my side, but beacuse it uses UDP (TCP is not a problem) we encountered the challnge.

The product is InterCall IP Power Supply Controller - L7700, and as soon as I will have my connection back online, I hope to get some progress



Hi Julian, Eduard and Robert

thanks very much for your answers.

I took all answers and constructed a solution for them that consist a BS,BO and a task.

I have created a sql inbuond adapter that retrives the last record (select top 1 desc...)  and datediff by hours on getdate.

In the BS I created property in settings (Overraide SETTINGS) for the threshold logic condition that if true calls an Email adapter (BO) that send the alert to whom it concern.

I read in some cases that for process that should fire once a day it is preffrealbe to use a task, so I used a %SYS.Task.Definition that activates that BS.

Thanks for all the help


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