· Oct 21, 2016

Sql Error Message

I had a table which contained data and worked fine, without changes the code of the persistent classes I now get the following error:

II have tried to browse the data for a 'clue' but no result.

What is the explanation of the error message?

Thanks in advance!

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This still might relate to bad data.  You did not mention the Caché version you are running.

And you might try various simplifications of the failing query that eliminate rows, column and selection criteria to zero in on the offending data (if any).

If not successful, you might forward your cached query routine (assuming nothing confidential) to help with the analysis.

Just to add another possible cause; if your sql code is working on a cursor, nested query or embedded piece of sql where the sql query is complicated and takes a long time to execute then it is possible to have the underlying cursor/query timeout and this of course will give the calling code that wants to reference that inner sql nothing to work on - NULL. This too could cause the error you are seeing, but just as Michael suggested, forwarding your query/code (with nothing confidential in) would be helpful.

Thanks Michael and Stephen for you're response:

I am using 2016.2.0 windows x86-64

I did try to 'simplify ' and exclude fields in the sql statement without results:


this is the sql statement:

Maybe accessing the data with objectscript instead of sql is an alternative to retrieve the data?

My goal is to examine what went wrong to prevent loosing lots of data in future.