Eduardo Raupp · Nov 13, 2020

Change collation from Spanish2 (ESPW) to "Cache Standard" (ENGW)

Hello there,

Someone know which impact would have my database changing the locale and its collationTable? I understand it should works fine, without any drawback.

Could someone else confirm my assumption or tell me what could happen? Has anyone changed something like that? (Not to russian, japanese, chinese, etc..) 

 About queries.. is there any side effect? 


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The major impact is the default collation for CACHETEMP/IRISTEMP.   This may affect sorting!

There is my related question Multi Language Sort  

@Vitaliy Serdtsev provided an excellent solution as reply to the problem
including a detailed example of how to cover solve the issues I found
with basic features already available in Caché since almost ever(?).