Mark Retry · Feb 8, 2021

Apache 2.4 Web Server / IS Iris

I plan to install an Apache Web server (2.4.x)  on a Linux server. The IRIS DB server is running on a separate Linux Server .  Do I need to install Intersystems IRIS software on the Web server to allow the web gateway and CSP server to communicate  ?   I read through a few IS documents, however, it's still not clear if I need to install IS on the Web servers .. Any help would be appreciated ..  

Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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You'll need to install the CSP gateway component on the Apache server, but not IRIS itself.

I think that's what I'm missing, I'm not able to find the CSPGateway-20* installer ?  It appears to be a separate package, as I cannot find it in the IS IRIS software .

So it sounds like once I have the CSPGateway installer , I run it on the Web server, and follow the steps in the document : Recommended Option: Apache API Module without NSD (

You can download the installer from the Online Distributions area of the WRC, in the Components section. The CSP Gateway is known as the Web Gateway from IRIS 2019 forward.

And yes, just follow the documentation once it's installed.