· Feb 8, 2021

Apache 2.4 Web Server / IS Iris

I plan to install an Apache Web server (2.4.x)  on a Linux server. The IRIS DB server is running on a separate Linux Server .  Do I need to install Intersystems IRIS software on the Web server to allow the web gateway and CSP server to communicate  ?   I read through a few IS documents, however, it's still not clear if I need to install IS on the Web servers .. Any help would be appreciated ..  

Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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I think that's what I'm missing, I'm not able to find the CSPGateway-20* installer ?  It appears to be a separate package, as I cannot find it in the IS IRIS software .

So it sounds like once I have the CSPGateway installer , I run it on the Web server, and follow the steps in the document : Recommended Option: Apache API Module without NSD (