I am very pleased to announce that tomorrow (Dec 3) at 9 AM Cambridge time we plan to enable the new CCR UI for all users.  No downtime should be required for the go-live.   Existing beta testers will not see any change, but for non-beta testers the new Frost-based Angular UI will replace the legacy CSP-based application for the home page, navigation, System Details, and several other parts of the application.

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Hundreds of users at TrakCare and HealthShare sites around the world rely on the InterSystems CCR Application (Change Control Record) to track their changes and deploy their configuration.  InterSystems is excited to announce that following the launch of the Angular-based Documentation and FAQs this summer, the CCR application is now ready to accept beta testers to try out further expansion of the Angular UIs.  

Users at CCR-controlled sites who wish to participate in the beta testing of the new UI can "opt-in" using the following steps:

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Does anyone know of an API that will do a hostname look-up based on IP?  We could of course use call-out but the format of the results vary based on OS and if there is already an ObjectScript tool which will parse this then we'd rather use what is already available.


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Every developer has made the mistake of accidentally leaving temporary debug code in place when they meant to remove it after debugging is complete.  The great thing about writing in ObjectScript is that there is a way to make temporary code be truly temporary and automatically self-destruct!   This can also be done in such a way that the code has no change of making it into your source control stream, which can be helpful as well.

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Ben Spead · Jan 11, 2019 4m read
SQL Performance Resources

There are three things most important to any SQL performance conversation:  Indices, TuneTable, and Show Plan.  The attached PDFs includes historical presentations on these topics that cover the basics of these 3 things in one place.  Our documentation provides more detail on these and other SQL Performance topics in the links below.  The eLearning options reinforces several of these topics.  In addition, there are several Developer Community articles which touch on SQL performance, and those relevant links are also listed.

There is a fair amount of repetition in the information listed below.  The most important aspects of SQL performance to consider are:

  1. The types of indices available
  2. Using one index type over another
  3. The information TuneTable gathers for a table and what it means to the Optimizer
  4. How to read a Show Plan to better understand if a query is good or bad
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I need to write a script to answer a couple of fairly simple questions:

1) What is the current routine DB (name and location) for this namespace?

2) What is the current data DB (name and location) for this namespace?

3) Is global ^ABC mapped to a different location than the default data DB?

Can anyone point me to some system APIs that would allow me to answer these questions?



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1) I have an oref pointing to an object on disk

2) I save the object which causes an UPDATE / AFTER Trigger to fire, and updates a value in an embedded object property

3)  I would like to see that new embedded property value in my in-memory object (for unit testing)

Is there a way to do this via a method call?  Or do I need to close the object and re-open it to see the updated value?



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I have a serial object:

Class EmbedObj Extends %SerialObject

which is stored as a  property of another object

Class ContainerObj Extends %Persistent

Property InnerObj As EmbedObj;

Property Foobar As %String;


From within the context of an instance of EmbedObj, how can I navigate to the containing instance of "ContainterObj" and find that value of its Foobar property?

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